I come in contact with a lot of lovely people through If Not For.

When I meet a pair or group of them I think can have a vital, positive impact on one another, it’s very hard for me to resist trying to get them together in person.

So, I end up arranging lots of fun outings, dinners, excursions, and trips.

For example…

I might plan a lunch for someone trying to balance family and entrepreneurship with someone who just wrote a book about that very challenge.

Or I might plan a playdate-picnic for two parents whose toddlers would love having a friend in the neighborhood.

A few years ago I arranged one for two moms, Jenna Shapiro and Celine Vernon, and their toddlers, Luco and Sila. Those are the kiddos smooching after the picnic in the top photo. And below is a more recent Instagram video of the two giving a sassy-adorable one-star museum review.

Or I might plan a gallery crawl and gourmet hot dog run for two art and street food lovers who’ve been feeling culture-deprived.

I recently arranged for Suzanne Mozes and Susan Ash-Lee to explore the paintings, ceramics, and cuisine of Denver’s River North Art District.

Or I might plan a mini-conference for independent creatives who are trying to find more time for passion projects.

Frequently asked questions.

Is this free?

Yes, this is another labor-of-love project.

Why are you so into this?

It’s a habit I inherited, probably genetically, from my mom.

One of mom’s frequent friendship-seeding parties for folks she thought would hit it off, and their kids. At her Northern New Jersey apartment sometime during the early aughts.

What cities do you do this in?

I’ve done these in cities around the world.

How do I let you know I’d be interested in participating in gatherings?

Just shoot me a note at ted [at] ifnotfor.com.