Short, inspiring audio stories about the folks who helped make us who we are.

…like this one from sailor Robert Ouimet.

Robert at the helm of Madsuhis Catalina 22, in the Strait of Georgia, just outside Vancouver harbor.

I post every story on Facebook & Twitter.

Call in your story and I’ll post it.

In the U.S. and Canada:
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Outside the US:
+1 (303) 305-4363

Frequently asked questions.

Why should I record an If Not For story?

The subjects of these stories often don’t know just how big of an impact they’ve had on us. Or they don’t remember. Or we don’t know right now where they are or how to reach them. Or they may simply no longer be with us.

When we record an If Not For story, from that point forward, it’s available not just to the person the story’s about, but also to the people who love (or loved) them; their friends, family, students, and colleagues; and all the folks who wonder how you became you.

And, of course, everyone like’s a good story, even if they’ve never met you or the person the story is about.

So, what I’m trying to say is, call us and leave your story!

How did the If Not For project get started?

A ways back someone asked me if I’d send them a one-page biography. I didn’t have one and sat for quite a while thinking about what to write.

I’m not a confident writer, but I am a reasonably comfortable speaker. So, instead of sending back a written bio, I decided to record very short audio dedications to three generous people who had an indelibly positive effect on my life.

It inspired me to start If Not For.

What happens after I leave my story?

We post it to Twitter and Facebook.

Does the story need to be positive?

Yes. Negative and trolling stories don’t get posted.

Will there be any advertising associated with my story?

No. If Not For does not contain advertising in any shape or form.

How can you do this for free without advertising?

Well, everybody needs a hobby. And, luckily, I have a pretty good day job and some extremely generous volunteers that keep If Not For going.

Can I tell a story without naming names?

If you need to omit your name or the name of the person the story’s about, that’s completely fine.

How do I find out more about you?

There’s some bio info here.

Is it true that you host If Not For gatherings?

It is true. More here.

How do I reach you?

Shoot me a note at ted [at]